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Our black cotton feely bags are well put-together with a drawstring closure. They are 20cm x 25cm. Buy a set of 5 for only €22 and save close to €3!

How to use Feely Bags

Feely bags are a great tool for work with sensory development and linking senses to language. Children explore objects inside the feely bag with one or both hands, they can then try to form a visual picture of what they feel and finally verbalise it, helping with verbal development and literacy – but let’s not forget, it’s also a lot of fun!

Feely Bag Games

Find the Letters

Show the children a simple word, such as “cat”. Fill the feely bag with a few letters including the required “c”, “a” and “t”. Now encourage them to try to find the letters by touch inside the bag until they have all the letters to spell the word. Throughout the process talk about the letters emphasising the shapes and the sounds. We are connecting the physical shape (by touch) with the visual shape (letters as we read them), the sound we make when reading the letters, the sound of the whole word together, and finally the concept. You can add in some discussion of cats. What sound does a cat make? What does a cat feel like? What do cats like to eat? What do they like to do?

We also sell alphabet sets of wooden lower-case letters that work great with this game.

Mystery Object

Find a few small objects the children might not be familiar with. Put them in the bag one by one and have the children feel them, describe their shape or texture, and talk about what the object might be. Use a mixture of fairly easy-to-identify objects with things they are likely to have never seen before.

Feely Bag “Toy Story”

Put a selection of small toy animals and other objects into the bag. Each child reaches in and finds an object, then feels it to try to identify it. Whether they are able to identify it or not, they then remove it from the bag and add it to the story. Record or write down the stories for sharing later. To make this game even more fun for the children, encourage them to be as silly as they can be.

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