Ladybird Magnifier


The Ladybird magnifier is a great addition to any service for young children to use while exploring outdoors. The magnifier is a brightly coloured ladybird with wings that slide open to reveal a lens that offers 5 x magnification. Children will have the opportunity to get outside and see every precious detail up close with this lovely new product. Use it for looking closely at bugs and insects, flowers or twigs - whatever interests the children!

The ladybird magnifier has been designed especially for little hands. It is lightweight and easy to carry, therefore making it great to take out on bug expeditions. This magnifier is scratch-resistant and offers smudge-free protection so that it will survive all outdoor adventures! Made of plastic, the ladybird measures 11.4cm in length and 9.7cm width, the lens is approx. 6cm in diameter. For more ideas that will help the children to explore nature check out other products on The Early Years Shop.

Ages 3+


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