Journal Bundle – “Documentation Made Simple” Series


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Our Journal Bundle is made up of 5 individual group journals. Each of these is a large-size (A3) scrapbook for you to add the children's artwork, observations, or any other relevant materials on the theme of that journal. For each of the group journals we also include a curriculum plan pack on that theme to help give you ideas to start the children's exploration of these areas. Remember that you always need to be responsive to the children's emerging interests in your ongoing curriculum planning process.

Each journal has a beautifully illustrated cover by Oliver Moore and Stephanie Morley.

Just as most services now are preparing a Journey book for each child in the service, many are also using our Group Journals to document all the children's exploration of the different themes.

The curriculum plan packs come as digital downloads. You can download and print as many times as you wish. We suggest you maintain a library of curriculum plan ideas that you can then refer back to when finding activities to respond to the children's interests.

Enabling Educators to Build a Resource to Support the Emerging Interests of Children

'Starting Big School' Journal

Be prepared for Department of Education and Skills (DES) inspection with documentation of your approach to activities around helping the children prepare for their next big transition - from preschool to primary school. Along with the journal we also provide our "Back to School" Curriculum Plan pack with over 20 activities including:

  • Find Someone Who...
  • Diversity Demonstration
  • Dear Diary
  • Family Match

'Friends Together' Journal and Curriculum Plans

This journal is for the celebration and exploration of diversity in your early years service. This journal includes a map to identify where in the world children and their families come from and can be decorated with stickers if desired. Remember that diversity also includes language, religion, gender, disability, or any of the other differences that we want to honour and celebrate to promote the children's sense of well-being, identity and belonging. Includes 9 Curriculum Plans and a Welcome Poster in different languages. Curriculum plans include:

  • Same & Different
  • I am Me!
  • All Kinds of Families, Families of all Kinds

'Where I Live' Journal and Curriculum Plans

As an early years educator, you need to support each child's identity as an individual, as a member of their family, and as a member of their wider community. This journal will help to document each child's engagement with their community and their emergent interests. This journal can also provide an excellent record of community involvement in your service. Includes 15 Curriculum Plans including:

  • People in My Community
  • Take me Home Teddy
  • Road Signs

Birthday Album and Booklet of Birthday Ideas

Support a great tradition celebrating each child's individuality and as members of their class. Celebrating milestones like birthdays helps children process what growing up means for them and the developmental stages and expectations that go with getting older. Our Birthday Album is a wonderful place to record your celebrations of all the children's birthdays through the year. Along with the Birthday Album you will receive a downloadable booklet of great birthday celebration ideas.

Christmas Album

Our Christmas Album has a lovely christmas cover and lots of big blank pages to record photos, group observations and the children's own work around Christmas. This album also comes with downloadable Christmas curriculum plans. This is our biggest pack of curriculum plans with over 70 curriculum activities, including:

  • Frosty Left and Right Game
  • Reverse Advent Calendar
  • Christmas Countdown
  • Dancing Christmas Trees
  • Santa's Helper Gingerbread House
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