‘Thrive Spring Outdoor Nature Activities’ by Gillian Powell


'Thrive Spring Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families' is the fourth book in a series of four books by Irish Early Years Educator and Author, Gillian Powell. The latest book, 'Thrive Spring', concentrates on connecting with nature during Spring time. Spring in the outdoors is a time of freedom, it is the season for the human child to go to the waters and the wild. Thrive seeks to help early years educators, children and parents to engage with the outdoors.

This book continues the work of my previous book Thrive - Winter Outdoor Activities for children and families, 2 - 8 years, The Early Years. Thrive Spring seeks to support early years professionals and families in experiencing the excitement and solace of nature. The outdoors in Spring provides the perfect place for a child to play, there is excitement and wonder. There are myriad opportunities for sensory explorations from jumping in puddles to balancing on a log. In Thrive we integrate opportunities for learning into each experience and provide examples that help to extend the learning in a fun engaging way. I once again urge you to step outside to the waters and the wild!

Gillian Powell, M.Ed, Author Thrive Spring Outdoor Nature Activities

This book is now available on the Early Years shop along with Thrive Summer, Autumn and Winter. See below video for a short video that will give you a brief insight in the latest book - Thrive Spring!



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