Flower Seeds


The Flower Seeds product is a great way to begin the process of having your own garden at your service. However, big or small your space is you can encourage both butterflies and bees into your area so that the children can explore nature right outside the window! Simply plant these seeds and watch as they grow into a bed of beautiful colours that will attract other nature. This pack of flower seeds contains a mix of seeds that may include, but are not limited to: foxglove, forget-me-not, Californian poppy, crimson clover, tansy, lady's bedstraw and oxeye daisy.

Seeds need both warmth and moisture to grow and may be sown at any time of year when these conditions are met.  In Ireland this is ideally March to April, and August to September. For more nature products check out our Exploring Nature with Children category on the Early Years Shop.

Approx. 2g of seeds.

(Contains no grass seed)

Packaging may vary.


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