Big Bunch O’ Bugs from Insect Lore


Big Bunch O' Bugs is one of our latest product from Insect Lore and includes 18 realistic and colourful beetles, flies, spiders and more! Children will love these realistic and colourful bugs and will be able to explore each one up close and in great detail.

Are you planning an insect theme for your classroom? This wonderful product from Insect Lore would be a great addition to your resources with a great mix of insects included. Each piece gives children the opportunity to explore each insect up close. The detail on each piece allows the children to see the insect's eyes, legs and antenna very clearly. Each piece is made from sturdy and durable plastic but yet look so realistic! The bugs come in a resealable tube that doubles up as a great storage container. It also includes a handy tote strap for carrying!

Big Bunch O' Bugs Pack Includes:

  • A mix of 18 bugs including over sized beetles, spiders and flies
  • Size range varies. Approx. 2-11cm
  • Ages 3 +

You can purchase the Big Bunch O' Bugs on the Early Years Shop now!



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