Creature Peeper from Insect Lore


Creature Peeper from Insect Lore allows children to take a closer look at the insect world. This escape-proof and periscope-style interactive viewer is perfect for viewing ladybirds, crickets, worms, grasshoppers, pebbles, feathers and much more. You can see the insect or item from above or below and at 3 times the original size!

The item is easy to use and is made from sturdy and durable plastic. Children will love to explore what they find while they are out and about! The creature or item can be simply placed into the unit for the child to explore. It  can then be simply released once finished exploring. It also includes a squishy ladybird to get the child started.

Creature Peeper Includes:

  • 1 x Creature Peeper Jar measures 15cm tall
  • 1 x anatomically correct ladybird to play with before they begin any outdoor adventures.
  • Made of plastic, no glass.
  • Ages 4+

You can purchase the Creature Peeper on the Early Years Shop now!



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