‘Thrive Autumn Outdoor Nature Activities’ by Gillian Powell M.ED.


'Thrive Autumn Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families' is the second book in a series of four books by Irish Early Years Educator Gillian Powell M.ED. Gillian, who has over 30 years experience in the sector, used her time spent with children as the inspiration for the books.

The latest book in the series 'Thrive Autumn' aims to guide, inspire and help both Early Years Educators and families to connect with the outdoors during the Autumn period. It includes over 60 pages full of fun outdoor activities that can be done with children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. The books includes many creative, well being, emotional and math activities. In addition, it includes activities for developing language along with fun Halloween activities!

From the book;

'In my thirty two years as an early years educator and researcher in West Cork in Ireland, I have observed that children are never happier than when they are out of doors. This is especially true in Autumn. In October and November, the best of any day in an early years setting was getting outside amongst the gold and red leaves.

There was no substitute for the feeling of being alive when you jumped in a pile of leaves or splashed through the puddles. This book explores activities that encourage and enhance children's holistic development. More than that, these activities provide opportunities for you to connect with your children and the world around wherever you live'.

This book will make a great addition to any Early Years Service for inspiration and guidance when looking to learn more in the outdoors during the Autumn months! Check out the video below that gives you a brief insight into the contents of this wonderful Autumn book!



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