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These Super Science Boxes for classroom use are new to the Early Years Shop. These have been designed by the experts in Lismore Heritage Centre. Their Primary Science and Maths Centre has over 25 year’s experience working with STEM education. Each box contains enough resources to cater for up to 30 children at the same time.

Aistear’s theme of Exploring and Thinking is about children making sense of the things, places and people in their world by interacting with others, playing, investigating, questioning, and forming, testing and refining ideas. Children have an innate drive to get to know more about how the world works and these Super Science boxes are the perfect way to foster curiosity and extend their learning.

Each of these boxes can be easily linked to Aistear’s aims and learning goals listed under Exploring and Thinking such including:

Aim 2, Learning Goal 3 - use their experience and information to explore and develop working theories about how the world works, and think about how and why they learn things

Aim 4, Learning Goal 5 - develop higher-order thinking skills such as problem-solving, predicting, analysing, questioning, and justifying

There are three different boxes to choose from

Tiny Tots – Contains six sets of five different experiments to get these young children excited and engaged in STEM learning. Recommended for children aged 3-6 years but equally enjoyed by older children too.

Coming Soon: 

Disgusting Digestion – This box takes you on a journey with your food along your mouth, stomach, intestines and all the other organs along the way. Recommended for children aged 8-12 years old.

Stinky STEM – As the name suggests, this is one which puts your sense of smell to work. It contains four fizzing, whizzing acid and base experiments. Recommended for children aged 8-12 years old.


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