Thrive Book Bundle (Set of 4) by Gillian Powell M.Ed.


Wonderful Outdoor Activities for all of the Four Seasons!


Thrive Book Bundle is now available to purchase as a set! These books were written by Irish Author and Early Years Educator, Gillian Powell, M.Ed. Gillian wrote this series based on over 30 years experience working with young children. There are 4 books in the series with the aim being to support educators when looking to connect with nature and the outdoors.

The books give many great examples and ideas of how you can use the outdoors as a learning ground for children. The bundle includes the following four books;

Thrive Spring - Explore Spring Time as ‘Thrive Spring’, concentrates on connecting with nature during Spring time. Spring in the outdoors is a time of freedom, it is the season for the human child to go to the waters and the wild.

Thrive Summer -  With over 85 pages full of fun outdoor activities that can be done with children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old during the Summer. This book is a great addition to any Early Years Services for inspiration and guidance when looking  to learn outdoors during the Summer months!

Thrive Autumn -  Autumn Thrive includes over 60 pages full of fun outdoor activities that can be done with children and includes activities for developing language along with fun Halloween activities!

Thrive Winter - This book includes over 60 pages of outdoor nature ideas and activities for math, science, literature, language, well-being and mindfulness. It also includes a number of activities for Christmas.


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