Alphabet Bunting Flags

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A wonderful string of triangular alphabet bunting flags with the letters of the alphabet A-to-Z and colourful pictures to illustrate each letter. Each letter is on a high-quality flexible plastic flag 210mm X 300mm so the full extent of the bunting stretches about 8 meters.

Our alphabet bunting flags are double-sided so you can choose to hang the bunting across a wall or if you hang it across the room the alphabet letters can be seen from either side.

This is a great way to brighten up any room where children will be spending their time and it will prompt them to ask questions and talk about the different letters and pictures on the alphabet flags.

Stretch our alphabet bunting across the room at children’s level and play alphabet games where the children try to find letters. “Who can find the letter that makes the mmm sound?” The children can also try to find letters from their names or other simple words. Talk about the letter shapes. “Can you find four letters that are very pointy?”… ”How many letters can you find that have round parts?”

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