Exploring Nature with Children

Exploring nature with children plays a big part of their early life as they explore the world around them. Being outdoors gives many opportunities for the child to explore new and different objects. This can be anything from sticks, pebbles, spiders, bugs, insects, spider webs, trees, flowers, grass and so much more! Exploring outdoors has so many benefits for young children. This includes improving gross and fine motor skills, building on natural curiosity or learning about texture, size and colours.

The Aistear Theme Exploring and Thinking states;

‘The theme of Exploring and Thinking is about children making sense of the things, places and people in their world by interacting with others, playing, investigating, questioning, and forming, testing and refining ideas’.

Exploring nature allows children to use their own senses, mind and body to learn more of their own world. Digging muck to find worms, catching spiders and ladybirds or learning about a caterpillar’s transition to a butterfly are all part of that experience.

We have some wonderful products that will assist Early Year Services in their teaching in the area of nature. This includes many products from the Insect Lore range where children can experience raising their own butterflies from caterpillars. It also includes insect jars for collecting and exploring the bugs and insects that live in the nature around us.

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Showing all 17 results