Child Friendly Policies for School Aged Services (Afterschool)



The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Aged Services) Regulations 2018 require that there are child friendly versions of the policies to use with children.

The mandatory policies are as follows:

  • Statement of Purpose & Function
  • Complaints Policy
  • Medicine Policy
  • Infection Control Policy
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Dropping Off & Collection of Children
  • Fire Safety

This pack contains a child friendly template of each of the above 7 policies.

1. Statement of Purpose & Function

Why are we here and how do we do things?

We are here to provide services for children after school until their parents/guardians can collect them. We provide a happy & safe place where children can play, do homework, eat meals and snacks and have fun with other children.

2. Complaints

What is a Complaint?

When you have a problem!

Children can have a problem about afterschool, an adult or another child.

3. Medicine Policy

It is very important that medicine is NEVER kept in a bag for any children because this is not safe (even an inhaler)

4. Infection Control Policy

In our service we want to try and help children to stay healthy and stop germs spreading!

5. Managing Behaviour

In our service we want everyone to feel happy and safe.

6. Dropping Off and Collection Policy

We want children to be safe always. That is why we have a policy on who can collect each child and how they travel to us from their school

7. Fire Safety

We care about the safety of all children and staff. That’s why we have regular unannounced fire drills when we pretend we have a fire and practise where to go to be safe.

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