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The hallmarks of successful transitions includes parental involvement, the sharing of information between early years professionals and primary school teachers.  Introducing a child to a new school or preschool programme also helps build resilience and coping skills in young children. Successful passage to Primary School is critical in determining future success.

"The Transition to Primary Schooling has been perceived as one of the most important transitions in a child’s life and a major challenge of early education. Initial success at school both socially and intellectually, leads a virtuous cycle of achievement"(Burrel & Bubb, 2000)

Positive transitions enable children to communicate, explore and think. At times, these changes can be difficult and stressful for children and families. Therefore, the children need much support to successfully negotiate these adjustments. This Transitions Pack has been created by Childcare Experts Canavan Byrne to support services with those difficult change overs. It includes many activities and ideas for transitions at all ages. In addition, it includes policies on Settling In, Transition and Key Workers that you can edit to suit your own requirements.

Transitions Pack Contents:

  • Settling In Policy - Edit to suit Service needs
  • Transitions Policy - Edit to suit Service needs
  • Key Worker Policy - Edit too suit Service needs
  • Parent's Guide to Starting in an Early Years Service - Handout for Parents
  • Parent's Guide to Starting Primary School - Handout for Parents
  • Graduation Certificate In two styles: Classic and Fun - For use at Graduations
  • Graduation Poem - For use at Graduations

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If you would like to document the journey from preschool to Primary School, then check out this great group Starting Big School Journal.

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