Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheets

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Our Aistear / Montessori Observation Sheets are a great help in documenting your observations of each child’s play and exploration with easy-to-use correlations to Aistear Themes and Montessori Learning Areaas. Observation Sheets are printed on high-quality 120gsm white coated paper.

Keep these sheets on hand so staff can do quick observations on the fly, and then decide on follow-up activities to help the children lead their own learning; this is the essence of the Aistear Framework.

Don’t forget – if you also need Aistear Stickers, add them to your order of observation sheets for a greatly reduced bundle price. Aistear Stickers are a quick and easy way to label observations, artwork and anything else that should be marked with corresponding Aistear Themes and Aims.

Additional information

Pack Size

50 Sheets (€15), 100 Sheets (€24)

Observation Type:

Aistear Only, Aistear and Montessori

Add on Aistear Stickers (24 per sheet)

None, (20 sheets for €12.50), (40 sheets for €25)


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