Numbers Bunting Flags

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Our Numbers Bunting Flags are a string of triangular numbered flags showing the numbers from 0 to 20 with countable pictures, e.g. the number 3 has a picture of 3 hats, the number 6 has a picture of 6 suns. The numbered flags are made of high-quality flexible plastic and show the numbers on both sides. This way you can choose to hang the Numbers Bunting on a wall or across the room and the numbers can always be seen.

Each numbered flag is 210mm x 300mm so the total length of the Numbers Bunting is about 7 metres.

Our Numbers Bunting will brighten up the room and give children an opportunity to look at the numbers and think about some early maths concepts.

You can also use the Numbers Bunting Flags for games related to maths and counting. Stretch the Numbers Bunting across the room where the children can reach it and try out some activities to involve them. Ask one child to reach out with both hands and hold on to two different numbered flags. Ask another child to say the number on each flag (with your help if needed!) and then count out the objects they can see on both flags together. Another idea is to point to a flag with for instance the number 3 and 3 items on it and say “Here are 3 hats. Can anyone see anything else in the room that there are 3 of?” Or ask one child to count the other children in the room and as they count, point to each number on the bunting.

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