Happy Birthday Bunting Flags


Happy Birthday Bunting Flags are a must-have for special celebration days. This is a string of colourful flags showing the letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The flags are made from high-quality flexible plastic. Each one is 210mm x 300mm which makes the full Happy Birthday Bunting about 3 metres long.

The pack contains two complete sets so you can display in two different locations in your service to really highlight the importance of the day for the birthday child. Each set is double-sided with HAPPY BIRTHDAY appearing on both sides so you can hang the bunting across the room and the message will be visible from either side.

It’s important to celebrate birthdays! It’s a great opportunity to talk about the passage of time, the experience of childhood and growing older. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to make the child celebrating their birthday feel really special.

Remember, you can also use our Numbers Bunting Flags as a teaching tool around birthdays. “You are five years old today! (point to ’5’ flag) And on this day one year from now you will be six years old! (point to ’6’ flag)”.

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