Vocabulary Cards (Downloadable)


Vocabulary Cards are a fantastic way for young children to start learning word basics, and to memorise them at an early age through short repeat sessions. You will find it very rewarding to help children to learn their first big words in an easy and fun way. We have put together 60 colourful vocabulary cards - these include 30 in English and another 30 in the Irish language.

Some helpful suggestions on how to use these cards include putting our vocabulary cards on your classroom walls, journals and in take-home folders. Also you can make up fun games with the children to get them used to the two language versions. A great way to do this is to play a form of pelmanism (the memory game).

Start with four English and four equivalent Irish cards in two rows face up on the floor (you can increase the number depending on the age group). Ask the first child to point to the English card and then the Irish version saying the names out loud. If correct, they pick up the cards and they get another go. If not correct the cards stay there and the next child has their turn. For the older children, or after schoolers, you could place the cards face down for a more challenging game.

Downloadable links:

We’ve made all our printables in downloadable links so you can print them as many times as you like! To get the best results we recommend that you use good quality white paper and then laminate them for longer life. We will continue to add new products to our Early Years Shop to help stimulate and educate the young minds in your care. We really welcome your comments and suggestions to help us with our commitment to you.

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