Bunting Flags Bundle – Alphabet and Number


This Bunting Flags Bundle contains both our Alphabet Bunting Flags and our Number Bunting Flags. These are strings of high-quality triangular plastic flags illustrated with a letter and a colourful picture or a number and a group of countable colourful pictures.

All our bunting flags are double-sided so if you would like to hang them across the room they will be visible from both sides which gives you additional options for display rather than just having to hang them on a wall.

Our Alphabet Bunting Flags and Number Bunting Flags are a wonderful way to give the children something to look at and think about some of the early concepts of numeracy and literacy. You can also hang them temporarily at child-level and play games where they can find and touch specific flags. Ask them to find round letters or pointy letters with the Alphabet Bunting or ask them to count all the objects on two of the Number Bunting Flags to experiment with adding.

We also have the Alphabet Bunting Flags and Number Bunting Flags available individually, as well as a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting with the message spelled out on the flags on both sides. If you’re interested in all of these, don’t miss our Bunting Flags Super Bundle that combines the Alphabet Bunting Flags, the Number Bunting Flags, and the Happy Birthday Bunting Flags, all for one low price.

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