More Great Offers on The Early Years Shop for Black Friday!

We have a number of form packs and toolkits now on sale on the Early Years Shop as part of our Black Friday Sale - with up to 30% off! All of the form packs and toolkits sold on the Early Years Shop are created by Canavan Byrne, who are an award winning company supporting all types of childcare services and early education centres from preschools & Montessori to creches and afterschool services. All of our form packs and toolkits come as downloadable packs. When you place your order there is no waiting around to get started, the pack is instantly available to you so that you can save the documents and begin to edit (if required) and use. For the policy packs Canavan Byrne provides guidelines throughout to make it clear where you need to edit. Once saved to a desktop or laptop you can access the documents whenever or wherever you need to so that you only print out as and when you require. You can also email forms to staff members and parents for immediate access.

The Curriculum Planning Toolkit - We have recently updated the Curriculum Planning Toolkit to include a Curriculum Statement, DES Template for Inspections (Audit) Form and a job description template for a Service Curriculum Officer. The pack also includes all the templates you need for short, medium and long term curriculum planning. All the templates are based on the core principle of Aistear - that play is central to the children’s learning. Normal Price €20.00 - Black Friday Price - €16.00 (20% OFF)

Toolkit to Support Non-English Speaking Children - Many children encounter the English language for the first time when they enter preschool. It is very important that Early Years Services support children who are learning English for the first time - supporting them to use English on a daily basis but also valuing their bilingualism or multilingualism. This toolkit aims to provide services with information, strategies, resources and tips about language development for young children prior to primary school age. Normal Price €20.00 - Black Friday Price €16.00  (20% OFF)

Biting Support Pack - The biting support pack aims to support services in the event of a child biting/being bitten. The pack includes a Biting Policy as well as a Biting Leaflet which can be sent to parents so that they have more information and a better understanding of why young children bite, ideas and strategies to help prevent biting in young children, information and advice on how to respond and support children who bite and are bitten and also strategies that should not be used when children bite. Normal Price €20.00 - Black Friday Price €16.00  (20% OFF)

Child Safeguarding Pack  - The newly updated Child Safeguarding Pack now contains both the 18-page Child Safeguarding Statement and a comprehensive 55-page Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures document that you can edit to suit your own service needs. Child Safeguarding Policies are essential and the purpose of the Child Safeguarding Pack is to give your service the right tools to implement safe and compliant practices to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing of your service is safe from harm. Normal Price €50.00 - Black Friday Price €40.00  (20% OFF)

Parent Communication Pack - The Parent Communication Pack was developed by Canavan Byrne in response to feedback from many services around the country who encountered the daily challenges maintaining good communication with parents under COVID-19 restrictions. Parents do not have a daily opportunity to talk to carers face-to-face right now and therefore devising a work around is vital to ensure continued contact with parents throughout the pandemic and beyond. The pack supports services to address updated Tusla requirements that services need to be able to demonstrate that they are implementing new ways of communication. The pack contains almost 100 pages of tips, resources, forms and templates to support those new communication ways. Normal Price €35.00 - Black Friday Price €28.00  (20% OFF)

COVID-19 Return to Work Rescue Pack for Early Years Services - The COVID-19 Return to Work Rescue Pack was created to provide services with all the paperwork required in order to be equipped for the re-opening of services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pack was created with guidance from the HSE and Tusla and provides services with all the paperwork required for staff and contractors, the children, parents and families. It includes forms, checklists, staff induction, parent's leaflets and official Tusla forms. The main document is the COVID-19 Policy and Response Plan which is a 57 page policy document outlining what policies you have in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (as far as practicable) within your service. The policy is edited to suit your own service needs. Normal Price €90.00 - Black Friday Price €63.00  (30% OFF!!)

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