Child Safeguarding Pack

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Newly updated and expanded, the Child Safeguarding Pack now contains complete Policy and Procedures in addition to Child Safeguarding Statement.


The newly updated Child Safeguarding Pack (formerly Child Safeguarding Statement) is newly updated in September 2020 and now contains both the 18-page Child Safeguarding Statement and a comprehensive 55-page Policy and Procedures document that you can edit for the specific circumstances of your service. Canavan Byrne have provided guidelines throughout to make it clear where you will need to make edits.

Child safeguarding policies are essential. The purpose of this pack is to give your service the right tools to implement safe and compliant practices to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing of your service is safe from harm.

All Early Years Services, including school-aged services must have a safeguarding statement under the Children First Act 2015, which came into force in March 2018. If you are registering a service for the first time, you must submit your Child Safeguarding Statement to Tusla.

Upon completion, your Child Safeguarding Statement and Child Safeguarding Policy must be circulated to all staff members and made available to families of children in your service where appropriate. The Child Safeguarding Statement must be displayed publicly and made available to parents and guardians, Tusla and members of the public upon request.

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