Toolkit to Support Non-English Speaking Children

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It is often in a preschool setting that children may encounter the English language for the first time. It is important that Early Years Services understand the value of bilingualism or multilingualism for the child, while supporting them to use English on a daily basis in the Early Years setting.

The aim of this great new Learning English Toolkit is to provide information, strategies, resources & tips about new language development for children prior to primary school age. The toolkit is divided into 4 main sections:

Section 1: The four stages of new language development for children

Section 2: Communication strategies, hints & tips to support children with the different stages of new language development

  • Language to use during interactions with the children
  • What to do if a child does not understand what is being said

Section 3: Activities & Tools to engage & support children with new language development

  • Non-verbal Activities and Tools
  • Verbal Activities and Tools

Section 4: A Toolkit of practical resources to use in Early Years Services with children learning a new language.

  • Sign Language/Makaton
  • Visual cues and signage
  • Games for children learning a new language
  • Songs, music and rhymes
  • Interactive Story Makers
  • Multicultural Resources

Also Included: Downloadable sets of communication cards to assist with communication and learning English. Download, print and laminate. Cards are great for games and discussion.

  • Transportation (with and without English words)
  • Shapes (with and without English words)
  • Colours (with and without English words)
  • Animals (with and without English words)
  • Food (with and without English words)
  • Alphabet Words (version with only pictures and version with letters and English words)
  • Numbers (version with only pictures and version with numerals and number words in English)
  • Sequence Set – going to the toilet
  • Sequence Set – blowing nose (with and without English words)
  • Sequence Set – washing hands (with and without English words)
  • Vocabulary
  • Emotions (with and without English words)
  • ‘Want to Play’ communication cards
  • Body Parts (English, Irish, German, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian)
  • Activity Cards

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