What the Astronauts Knew: A Climate Change Story for Preschool Children

What the Astronauts Knew’ is a story suitable for preschool children, brought to you exclusively by Canavan Byrne. This story is a classroom aid that allows young children to gain an insight into the bigger picture through the journey of two astronauts who travel to space to take a picture of earth from far away.

The two astronauts notice that some ice has melted and some green has turned to grey. They take pictures with their very powerful camera to send back to earth. Along with the photos they have a very important message for children around the world and how they can all help to make it better.

This story is designed to promote awareness around how small actions, when we all play a part, can and will make a really big difference. The astronauts explain how children can do simple things such as turning off lights, taps and lowering the heat to help save the earth's energy resources.

Riding bikes and taking trains can help to keep the planet cooler. The story is age appropriate for young children in order to understand what Climate Change is without being bombarded with terms they can't yet comprehend! It is a great story to introduce the children to this very important topic. The story has now been uploaded to Youtube and read by Canavan Byrne's very own, Jennifer Lee!

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Canavan Byrne wrote 'What the Astronauts Knew' to coincide with the new Climate Change Awareness Resource Pack. The pack was devised to guide and help early years educators with many activities, ideas and tips on this very important and relevant subject. The pack includes many suggestions on how services can encourage curiosity and wonder in this area.

It encourages services to embrace and get creative with junk and shows how educators can lead by example with small changes. Furthermore, it suggests ideas such as having a no plastic bottle policy in the school and how reading to the children can promote awareness and encourage further discussion!

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