Climate Change Awareness Resource Pack


Climate Change Awareness Resource Pack NOW available on the Early Years Shop! The Climate Change Awareness Resource Pack was created by Canavan Byrne in response to the interest in this very important topic. The pack includes a number of different activities, ideas and tips to support educators when teaching children about climate change.

Additionally, the pack includes a wonderful story called 'What the Astronauts Knew'. This is a great way to introduce the children to this very important topic. The story tells of two astronauts who took photos of earth from outer space. When they returned with the pictures they had an important message for children around the world about their new perspective on the Earth!

A parent or educator is often the first and best source of trusted information for children. It is important to talk to children about big topics such as climate change in an age appropriate way that doesn't create anxiety or stress for them. This allows children to take in more complex information as they grow and until they are ready to voice their own opinions!

Young children may not easily understand concepts such as greenhouse gases or CO2 emissions so it's important to start out with a more straightforward approach. This can be as simple as explaining that all living things grow and thrive when everyone looks after them. As children learn through play, plant seeds and grow vegetables or flowers - a great way to encourage young children to learn about caring for the planet!

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