Parent Satisfaction Survey


How it works:

One survey is used for all parents of children in your service – if you choose a quantity of more than 1, you will be able to create additional surveys later.

After you purchase the Satisfaction Survey and check out, look at our “thank you” page for the special link to your Survey administration dashboard. Be sure you bookmark this link and don’t share it with anyone other than trusted staff in your service. Through the Survey administration dashboard you will be able to:

  • Edit the Parent Satisfaction Survey
  • Remove any questions you don’t want to include
  • Add your own questions
  • Activate your survey so parents can respond for 30 days
  • Request a download of all responses in an Excel spreadsheet

Note: When you check out be sure to provide the email you will want to use to receive the survey responses.

The Parent Satisfaction Survey is a great tool to help ensure good communication with families of children in your service.

This tool provides you with access to a set of survey questions provided by Canavan Byrne, the early years experts, that cover many of the essential areas for parents to rate the service you provide and add any extra details of their own experience:

  • Introduction Parent and children's first welcome and introduction to the service
  • Information Including communication of policies to parents
  • Facilities Including play areas, cleanliness, and resources available
  • Staff Warmth, friendliness, responsiveness
  • Handovers Consistency, communication, time allocated, information relayed and received
  • Detail Transition aids, comfort tips, personal items or food preferences
  • Curricula Communication about curricula
  • Themes/Activities Themes, events and activities met children's needs/interests

Because the Satisfaction Survey is completely customisable, you can edit or remove any of the questions as well as adding your own.

Satisfaction Surveys are part of the service provided to Early Years Resource Factory members. EYRF members can get the Parent Satisfaction Survey for FREE - and they will also have access from the Early Years Resource Factory to create any number of surveys throughout the year!

Please Note: This is a downloadable product. Upon placing your order, you will immediately receive an email containing a link to download your product. Please be aware that this link has an expiration period of 180 days. Ensure that you download the product before the link expires!
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