Be prepared for children with individual needs at your Early Years Service!

Being prepared for the individual needs of children throughout the school year is key for any early years service. Supporting children with their own individual needs allows them to develop, learn and grow as they navigate their way through each day.

At the Early Years Shop we have a range of different packs available to support children with different needs. This includes a range of medical care plans, a toolkit to support non-English speaking children and a transition pack to support preschool children who are moving onto primary school in the coming year.

These packs have been especially designed by early years experts Canavan Byrne to guide and support services, who in turn support families and their children with individual needs. All packs are downloadable so that you receive immediately in order to edit to suit your own service requirements.

Be prepared - Medical Care Plans

Do you have a child attending your service with a medical condition such as epilepsy, diabetes, a nut allergy or asthma? Do you have a child with a more serious condition such as Long QT Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis?
If so, there should be an emergency care plan in place for this child. This should be authorised by the child’s parents/guardians and a medical practitioner.

See Medical and Health Forms

Staff members need to be confident that they know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. Canavan Byrne have developed a standard letter to give to parents along with a medical questionnaire and an emergency care plan for the most common conditions. It is important to note that services should be guided by the parents in order to collate all the relevant information that is required. This ensures the child can be cared for appropriately. The information should be reviewed regularly to ensure that nothing has changed. Each care plan should be signed by parents and where appropriate, the child's doctor.

At the Early Years Shop there are up to 28 medical care plans available. As each pack is a downloadable file, you will receive your order instantly meaning that you can begin to put your plan into place immediately as a child presents with any condition!

Be Prepared - Supporting Non-English Speaking Children

Many services may have children attending who are encountering the English language for the first time. It is important that Early Years Services understand the value of bilingualism or multilingualism for the child as well as supporting them to use English on a daily basis in the Early Years setting.

Toolkit to Support Non-English Speaking Children

Canavan Byrne have devised a toolkit to support services with children attending who are non-English speaking. The Toolkit to Support Non-English Speaking Children is broken into four sections (1. The four stages of new language development for children, 2. Communication strategies, hints & tips to support children with the different stages of new language development, 3. Activities & Tools to engage and support children with new language development and 4. A Toolkit of practical resources to use in Early Years Services with children learning a new language.).

In addition, the pack includes downloadable sets of communication cards. These cards aim to assist with communication and learning English. Cards are great for games and discussion. The aim of the toolkit is to provide information, strategies, resources and tips about new language development for children prior to primary school age. 

Be Prepared - Transition Pack Helping Children Settle in to Early Years and onto Primary School

Positive transitions enable children to communicate, explore and think. At times, these changes can be difficult and stressful for children and families. Therefore, the children need support to successfully negotiate these adjustments. The Transitions Pack – Helping Children Settle in to Early Years and onto Primary School was created by early years experts Canavan Byrne to support services with those difficult change overs. It includes many activities and ideas for transitions at all ages. In addition, it includes policies on Settling In, Transition and Key Workers that you can edit to suit your own requirements. Remember all Early Years Resource Factory members receive a discount of 15% on these packs!

See Transitions Pack

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