Early Years Resource Factory

The Early Years Resource Factory provides a range of printable resources for early years educators. This includes a customised monthly newsletter providers can create for families in their service. The newsletter is personalised with the service name, logo and contact details. It can also contain your own articles, photographs, news updates and important notices to parents. Canavan Byrne also provide excellent content every month for your optional use.

Library of Family Notices

In addition to the newsletter, we provide a monthly Family Notice with important and interesting informational content for families. EYRF members have access to the entire library of Family Notices. Family Notices are a great addition to your notice board, use as printed handouts or email to families at home.

Curriculum Plans

All our curriculum plans are available to Early Years Resource Factory members and are included for no additional cost with an EYRF membership. Each curriculum plan pack contains a range of activities within a curriculum theme. Build your own library of curriculum plans to empower you to have materials on hand to respond to children’s emerging interests.

Staff Roster

Here you can quickly and easily enter your staff information and hours. There are two great benefits to using this template – you can copy days for each staff member which saves you a lot of typing. In addition, you can save your roster to your archive so it is easy to make any changes needed for the following week.

Parent Survey Tool

With our customised Parent Survey you can gather important and relevant information from parents and families. Simply add your questions and email to parents and receive all answers in one place for easy reading. The Parent Survey Tool is a great tool to help ensure good communication with families of children in your service.

Library of Friday Freebies

Do you love our Friday Freebies? Every second Friday we provide a useful download for free on the Early Years Shop. A complete library of all our previous Friday Freebies is available to EYRF members.

Early Years Shop Discounts

Early Years Resource Factory members also get great discounts on many products on the Early Years Shop. For instance, receive a 20% OFF discount on Video Training, 15% OFF on form packs and medical care plans, and 10% OFF Butterfly Gardens, Wooden Puzzle, Music Education products and more.

Free Trial

If you aren’t ready to sign up for a membership just yet, why not register with us for a free, no-obligation, 7 day trial of the Early Years Resource Factory? During the course of your trial please get in touch if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions – we would love to hear from you!

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