Summer Flash Sale for 2 Weeks ONLY!

Summer Flash Sale for 2 weeks ONLY! Are you looking to stock up on record books for September? Or would you like to try our group Learning Journals in your classroom? For two weeks only we will have a flash sale on Visitor Books, Medicine Administration Books and Accident and Incident Books!

In addition, we have a huge discount on our Documentation Made Simple Series with a savings of €25! There is limited stock of all books so be sure to order now to make sure you avail of these great discounts!!!

Summer Flash Sale - Visitor Book with FREE Visitor Policy

Designed by Childcare Experts Canavan Byrne the Visitor Book is used to record all visitors to an early years service. A Visitor Record is a regulation requirement under the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and the Child Care Act 2018 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018.

This book contains 20 entries per page and includes 100 pages per book. The information collected includes Date, Name, Company. Contact Details, Time In, Time Out, Reason for Visit and Authorised by. Each Visitor Book includes a FREE downloadable Visitor Policy that you customise for your own early years service. The book was €15.00 and is now ONLY €5.00!

Summer Flash Sale - Medicine Administration Book

Get 50% off our Medicine Administration Book - normally €20.00 but for two weeks only it is reduced to €10.00! Children may require medication while attending an early years service. This could be due to an illness and medicine therefore administration is an important responsibility within every childcare service.

The Medicine Record Book allows services to record this information meeting regulation requirements by ensuring compliance in the event of an inspection. Each book includes 100 records and each record can be removed to be placed on the child’s file.

Accident and Incident Book

Normally €35.00 the Accident and Incident Book is now ONLY €15.00 - a savings of €20.00! This is bumper size book with the capacity to record 50 x Accidents/Incidents. Every report is in triplicate - one copy is placed on the child's file, one is given to parents and the 3rd copy stays in the book. All evidence that you are compliant with logging all accidents and incidents at your service!

Group Learning with the Documentation Made Simple Series

The Documentation Made Simple Series aims to capture children's emerging interests as a group. The Bundle is made up of 5 journals. Each journal is a large-size (A3) scrapbook covering various themes; Where I Live (Belonging), Friends Together (Diversity), Starting Big School (transition), Birthdays (Identity), Christmas (Belonging). Each journal can be filled with the children’s artwork, observations, or any other relevant materials on the theme of that journal.

For each of the group journals you will receive a relevant curriculum pack on that theme to help give you ideas to start the children’s exploration of these areas. Remember that you always need to be responsive to the children’s emerging interests in your ongoing curriculum planning process! Be sure to order your Group Learning Journals now while stock lasts!

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