Accident and Incident Book (compliance for Tusla inspections)


Accident and Incident Book with Triplicate Forms for Best Practice Record-Keeping

Our bumper-size Accident and Incident Book has the capacity for 50 Reports.

Each report is in triplicate so three copies are created when the form is filled in. One copy is placed in the child's file and one copy is given to the parent or guardian (both of these copies are essential). The third copy stays in the book so the book is then your record of all incidents in the room. You also record here that one copy was filed and one copy was given to the parent, which is further evidence of compliance.

Each form in the Accident and Incident book also includes the facility to record your remedial actions to be compliant with risk assessment requirements.

You must maintain good records of accidents in order to be compliant with regulations and in case of Tusla inspection.. Our Accident and Incident Book also conforms to the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with a confidentiality clause on each form.

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