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It is a regulation requirement to have a Visitor Record, under the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and the Child Care Act 2018 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018. The Act states that ‘All persons entering an early years setting must be approved by an employee and each person must sign in and sign out of the building. The register must be stored for one year from the date it has begun (Regulation 24 (3 &4))’.

The Visitor Record Book is brand new to the Early Years Shop and allows all visitors to the Service to sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave. The book contains 20 entries per page and has 100 pages per book. The information that must be collected on a visitor record includes Date, Name, Company, Contact Details, Time In, Time Out, Reason for Visit, Authorised by. The new Visitor Record Book allows for all of the above. 

Specification:  A4 Size, 20 Entries per Page, 100 Pages per Book


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