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Our Aistear Poster is a colourful, fun way to give your staff a quick reference for all the Aistear themes, aims and learning goals. Hang the poster in any room where your early years education staff might want quick access to the Aistear curriculum framework throughout the day. Our Aistear Poster is A3 size, easy to read and is laminated, so it is durable and easy to wipe clean.

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The Aistear curriculum framework is specified by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment as a guide to early years education. The Aistear framework is divided into four overall themes (Well-being; Identity and Belonging; Communicating; and Exploring and Thinking). Each theme is broken down into four aims and each aim has six learning goals. It is impractical to refer to books or websites when early years educators need to make quick observations in the course of their day. Therefore, the Aistear Poster is the ideal way for your staff to have all the Aistear information quickly and easily available and to demonstrate your use of the Aistear framework in case of inspection.

More A3 Wipe Clean Posters Available!

Hygiene Posters: We have a range of different A3 Wipe Clean posters available on the Early Years Shop! These include posters to help remind staff and children of important tasks they do during the day. For example, we have a number of hand washing posters for both staff and children. These posters remind staff members and children of the appropriate steps that should be taken for the correct hygiene etiquette. The list of posters includes;

  • Nappy Changing Procedure A3 Wipe Clean Poster
  • Hand Washing for Children A3 Wipe Clean Poster
  • Nigh do Lámha (Wash Your Hands) A3 Wipe Clean Poster as Gaeilge
  • Want to Blow Your Nose for Children A3 Wipe Clean Poster
  • Glan do Shrón For Children A3 Wipe Clean Poster as Gaeilge
  • WHO/HSE Official How To Wash Hands A3 Wipe Clean Poster
  • WHO/HSE Official How to Hand Rub A3 Wipe Clean Poster

Staff Inspiration Posters: These posters were designed to inspire staff members on various tools and techniques they can use as they carry out daily tasks. The posters were designed by childcare experts Canavan Byrne and are a great addition to classrooms or staff areas within any service. They include The Emotional Piggybank, The Right Tools and The Modelling Chequebook Posters. The posters can help encourage positive behaviour and foster healthy interactions among staff and between staff and children.

Cot Death Poster: This poster is an excellent daily reminder to staff to be aware of the correct process of assessing and responding to an unresponsive child. This poster shows the “4 Cs” which is a helpful way of remembering the steps staff should take in this situation in order 1. Call Out, 2. Check Vitals, 3. Commence resuscitation/CPR and 4. Continue resuscitation/CPR until help arrives.

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