Aistear A3 Wipe-Clean Poster


This colourful A3 poster makes a great addition to any Early Years Setting as a reference point when observing children using the Aistear curriculum framework. It includes all the Aims and Learning Goals for each of the four Aistear Themes (Well Being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating and Exploring and Thinking). Each theme includes 4 Aims and within each Aim there are 6 learning goals.

Each of the aims and learning goals are outlined on the poster. This makes the poster a great reference for staff members to quickly and easily find what they require as they observe the children. The poster should be hung in well seen places where staff members can clearly refer to the Aistear framework through out the day.  The poster is A3 size so that it is easy to read and also laminated so that it can be easily wiped clean.

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