Cot Death “4 Cs” A3 Wipe-Clean Poster


Our A3 Wipe-Clean Cot Death Poster is an excellent daily reminder to staff to always be aware of the correct process of assessing and responding to an unresponsive child.

This poster shows the "4 Cs" which is a helpful way of remembering the steps staff should take in this situation in order:

  • Call out for help (instruct someone else to phone for an ambulance)
  • Check vitals (breathing/pulse)
  • Commence resuscitation/CPR
  • Continue resuscitation/CPR until emergency services arrive

This colourful eye-catching poster will give staff a quick reference to make sure they take all 4 steps in order even when they are in the panic of the moment dealing with an emergency.

Our wipe-clean posters are laminated so they can be easily cleaned/sanitised.

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