Safety and Compliance at Your Fingertips – Must Have Medicine, Visitor, and Incident Record Books for Early Years Services

Medicine Record Book

In the nurturing world of childcare, the safety and well-being of the children you care for is paramount. Managing medication administration is a crucial responsibility, and meeting regulatory requirements should be effortless with our Medicine Record Book.

The benefits:

  • Tailored for Early Years Services
  • In Full Compliance with Regulations
  • User-Friendly ‘Administration of Medication Consent Forms
  • Each Book Holds 100 Records
  • Simple Record Removal for Child Files

Accident and Incident Book

Accidents and incidents are unexpected, but your record-keeping doesn’t have to be. Stay on top of every situation with our comprehensive Accident and Incident Book, your one-stop solution for recording these events.

Discover what it has to offer:

  • 50 Comprehensive Incident Reports
  • Triplicate Forms for Efficient Documentation
  • Copies for Child Files and Parents/Guardians
  • Streamline Compliance

Visitor Record Book

Visitor management is a vital aspect of child safety and regulatory compliance. Our Visitor Record Book is designed to help you easily meet all these requirements.

Here’s what it provides:

  • Full Compliance with Childcare Act Regulations
  • Effortless Sign-In and Sign-Out
  • Detailed Visitor Information Tracking
  • 20 Entries Per Page, 100 Pages Per Book

Ready to equip your childcare service for success?

Get all these essential tools today and ensure your childcare service is well-prepared, compliant, and ready to provide the best care for every child.

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