Celebrating Diversity Bundle Pack



Celebrating Diversity Bundle Pack


Please note this is a downloadable product – you will download each product to your laptop or PC and save for future reference and print as required.

This bundle includes:

  • Downloadable Diversity Posters
  • Celebrating Difference Curriculum Plans
  • Identity and Belonging Curriculum Plans
  • Toolkit to Support Non-English Speaking Children


An inclusive environment is important for children in order to build positive identities, develop a sense of belonging and to realise their full potential. Celebrating diversity allows children to understand and explore what differences they may see around them but also in themselves. These differences should be celebrated. The Celebrating Diversity Bundle Pack includes some great products from The Early Years Shop to support your service in creating an inclusive environment for the children.

What is included in the Celebrating Diversity Bundle Pack?

  1. Celebrating Difference - The Celebrating Difference Curriculum Pack is a great way to encourage the children in your service to explore and celebrate differences. It gives them the opportunity to think about our preconceptions about gender, differences in ability and ethnicity. Through ten lessons, children can learn to avoid stereotypes and prejudice.
  2. Identity and Belonging - The Identity and Belonging Curriculum Plan Pack provides Services with a range of activities around the theme of Identity and Belonging. This encourages the children to explore their thoughts and feelings around difference and acceptance.
  3. Diversity Poster Pack - The Diversity Poster Pack is a great addition to any Early Years setting. Each diversity poster includes a beautiful eye-catching picture and famous quote from well known child advocates around the world. Print and cut posters to size to display a beautiful arrangement of diversity messages in your service!
  4. Toolkit to Support Non-English Speaking Children - It is often in a preschool setting that children encounter the English language for the first time. This pack  provides information, strategies, resources and tips about new language development for children prior to primary school age.

We are delighted to offer this new Celebrating Diversity Bundle Pack for only €30.00  You can access these downloadable products immediately to use in your service. Simply download each product from the email received and save to your laptop or PC to use as and when you require.


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