Early Years STEM Resource Pack


Early Years STEM Resource Pack will help early years educators to think about how to approach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topics with the children in their service. Yes, STEM activities are important at every age!

As with all early years education, the most important thing is to ensure you are attendant to the children's emergent learning needs when defining your upcoming curriculum plans. Canavan Byrne, the early years education experts, provide curriculum plans to add to your library of ideas that you can refer to based on the children's interests that come out in natural discussion and play in your service.

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All the activities in the Early Years STEM Curriculum Plan Pack are labeled with the relevant Aistear themes, aims, and learning goals as well as Montessori, Learning Areas, and Síolta standards.

As well as the activities, the pack includes some important information about educating in STEM for the early years including an example Mind Map to help guide your explorations.

Included in the Early Years STEM Curriculum Plan Pack:

  • The importance of STEM activities in the Early Years
  • Suggested Mind Map for STEM Activity
  • Preparing Children for STEM Activities (Top Tips)
  • Activity: Colour-Changing Flowers
  • Activity: Fun with Lego
  • Activity: Make a Fairy Door
  • Activity: Jack & The Beanstalk
  • Activity: Fruit Skewers
  • Activity: Making Cookies
  • Activity: Sink or Float Experiment
  • Activity: Building Towers
  • Activity: Magnetic Exploration
  • Activity: Colourful Milk Swirls
  • Activity: Dancing Raisins
  • Activity: Building Bridges With Shapes
  • Activity: Rainbow Celery Experiment
  • Activity: Leaf Colour Transfer
  • Activity: Fizzing Colours
  • Activity: Magnetic Maze
  • Activity: Seed Sprouting
  • Activity: Counting Caterpillar
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