Identity and Belonging Resource Pack


Identity and Belonging Curriculum Plan Pack provides you with a range of activities around the theme of Identity and Belonging to encourage the children to explore their thoughts and feelings around difference and acceptance. All the children should be aware that they are all different and special and that they are also valuable and deserving of acceptance.

Use our resource pack to help respond to the emerging learning needs of the children in your service by building a library of curriculum resources.

The Identity and Belonging Resource Pack is a great companion to the Diversity Resource Pack. Note that for a limited time we are offering the Diversity Resource Pack as an add-on to your Identity and Belonging pack for half price!

All the activities in the Identity and Belonging Curriculum Plan Pack are labeled with the relevant Aistear themes, aims, and learning goals as well as Montessori, Learning Areas, and SĂ­olta standards.

The activities in Identity and Belonging:

  • Who Lives in My House
  • Names and Faces
  • Friendship Fruit Salad
  • Self Portraits
  • Elmer the Elephant
  • Bunting
  • An Apple for the Teacher
  • Books to Support Identity
  • Flower and Height Chart
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