Prepare for September with Our Children Registration Pack

It is that time of year when services begin to prepare for September. Many new children will be welcomed into services around the country. It is very important to ensure that each child is registered correctly. This information ensures that you are compliant with the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016.

Services must gather all relevant details for each child including parent/guardian details, emergency contacts, authorised collectors, medical history and details of any additional needs. In addition, you must collect permission for all items such as photographs, outings, medical treatment and sun cream application.

What is Included in the Children Registration Pack?

With our Children Registration Pack services will receive a Booking Information Form, Child Registration Form, Unvaccinated Child Form, Child Flight Risk Assessment Form, and a Tips Sheet. These forms can be edited to suit a service's own specific requirements.

In addition, the pack now includes Parental Agreement Form: Terms and Conditions. This form sets out the T&C's in plain language, and seeks agreement on some of the more contentious issues, before the child starts. The document will benefit both parties.

Services can add a company logo, contact details and any other information that is relevant to a service. This pack was created by Canavan Byrne and includes GDPR consent for collection and usage of personal data.

Here are some tips from Canavan Byrne that services should consider before using the Children's Registration Form

  • Ensure all areas of the form are completed or are marked N/A.
  • There should be NO blanks.
  • Ensure you get the dates of all vaccinations (it is ideal if the doctor's print-out can be attached).
  • The form should be held confidentially in a locked file.
  • The record should be reviewed or completed again annually as changes can occur.
  • Check that the permissions are all signed.
  • Make sure the manager signs the form.
  • If a child has an allergy or medical condition a separate care plan may be required. Click here for link to Medical and Health Forms.

Once an order is placed the pack will be emailed immediately. Thereafter, services can save the documents and print/email as required. Remember all Early Years Resource Factory members receive 15% of this pack and all other form packs and tool kits on the Early Years Shop.

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