Parental Agreement: Terms & Conditions Pack


The Parental Agreement: The Terms & Conditions 'Small Print' document has been developed in response to expressed requests from Canavan Byrne clients. Over the past 18 months there has been an unprecedented number of disputes / differences of opinion with parents/guardians. These include such issues as payment of fees, exclusion when a child is ill, attendance requirements and much more. Sadly, there has also been a small number of unpleasant exchanges between staff and parents.

This Parental Agreement document has been created by Canavan Byrne in response to these issues. This document sets out the Terms and Conditions in plain language, and seeks agreement on some of the more contentious issues, before the child starts. It provides a solid foundation to build the relationship where expectations are made clear from the outset. The document will benefit both parties.

The agreement outlines the various documents parents/guardians should read before signing the Parental Agreement Form. It covers topics such as policies, attendance, fees, closures, collections, information and data (GDPR), parking, termination of places, food and nutrition, accidents and incidents, notice and code of conduct. Remember ‘prevention is always better than cure’! Once purchased a link to the product is emailed to you. You can then save the document to your laptop or PC and edit the document to suit your own service requirements.

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Full Day-Care (All Ages Covered) €45, Sessional (Ages 2-5) €30


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