Parental Agreement: Terms & Conditions – Template Pack Now Available!

Parental Agreement: Terms & Conditions Pack NOW available on The Early Years Shop! The relationship between a Service Provider and a Parent/Guardian starts at the very beginning. Therefore, having a ‘contract’ between both parties is essential if a positive, trusting relationship is to be built.

This ‘Small Print’ document has been developed in response to the expressed request from Canavan Byrne clients. Over the past year there has been an unprecedented number of disputes and differences of opinion with parents/guardians about such issues as adherence to COVID-19 procedures, payment of fees, exclusion when a child is ill, attendance requirements and much more.

Sadly, there has also been a small number of unpleasant exchanges between staff and parents. Using the Parental Agreement document allows services to set out the Terms and Conditions to parents and guardians in plain language, and seeks agreement on some of the more contentious issues before the child starts. It aims to give clarity, avoid disputes, build positive relationships and encourage respect.

Parental Agreement: Terms & Conditions - What Areas are Covered?

Canavan Byrne designed this document to provide a solid foundation to build the relationship where expectations are made clear from the outset and will benefit both parties. Similarly, it will provide clarity, alleviate stress and prevent unwanted disputes. Included in this Small Print Document are clauses on areas such as;

  • Policies
  • Fees
  • Closures
  • Collections
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Separated/Divorced Parents
  • Data Collection
  • Exclusion Policy
  • COVID-19 Exclusion
  • Termination  and Notice Periods
  • Code of Conduct

The document is in ‘Word format’ so it can be edited and tailor-made to suit your service and there is space at the end of the document for parents/guardians to sign. Remember  ‘prevention is always better than cure’! If you are a member of the Early Years Resource Factory you will receive a 15% discount on all form packs and tool kits across the Early Years Shop! If you are not already a member of the Early Years Resource Factory you can sign up here any time! If you are unsure what The Early Years Resource Factory is, you can complete a 7 day FREE trial here before signing up!

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