NEW! Performance Management Pack Now Available!

NEW! Performance Management Pack from Canavan Byrne is now available to purchase on the Early Years Shop! This comprehensive pack has been designed for Employers/Managers of Early Years and SAC services. 

The templates included can be tailored as an employer/manager deems fit. However, the variety of the pack means there should be enough templates to offer you everything you may need to monitor, manage and measure performance. 

It includes templates such as Effective Feedback, SBI (Situation, Behaviour, Impact) Feedback, PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) Template, Probation Templates, Performance Management Tools, Staff Appraisal, Financial Recognition Scoring and Modeling Tool and Staff Evaluation and Questionnaire Forms.

Why is Performance Management so important? 

Maintaining quality standards should be every service provider’s objective. It is also vital to ensure that there is equal, balanced, fair, and reasonable input from employees in their performances. Performance management can mean carefully balancing support, feedback and guidance given to employees while addressing any potential gaps or inconsistencies in work performance.

Work performance may naturally fluctuate from time to time (we are human and therefore may have higher productivity levels on some days and less on others). However, overall standards of performance are expected to remain generally consistent and adequate in accordance with the day-to-day needs of the service as it operates. 

When managers and/or employers find inconsistencies or sudden changes in levels of performance that are disruptive or detrimental to the service, the children, their families or fellow team members, action is required to be taken quickly. 

Be prepared for any changes in Work Performance

Many employers find themselves ill-equipped to respond to any concerning changes in the work performances of their employees. These changes or gaps may have been observed first hand, may have been reported anonymously or directly by another employee.  They may have been brought to the attention of the service provider by a family member of a registered child, by TUSLA, HSA, DES, or in the form of a complaint or grievance, or in errors made or deadlines missed. 

Examples of poor work performances may include uneven distribution of tasks, lack of adequate planning, implementing, and recording. It also includes compromising on child welfare and dignity, infection control, health and safety or maintaining regulatory compliance. 

New! Performance Management Pack will keep you on track!

Having the right tools to monitor and manage performance on a continuous and ongoing basis means that employees and employers are given more opportunities to detect an issue before it results in a drop in standards of work performance. 

Having easy-to-use and collaborative performance management tools in place and used as regular part of being employed means that employees are incentivised to maintain quality standards, knowing that these are being monitored. 

Using any or all of the tools contained within this performance management pack will mean opportunities for both employers/managers to reflect constructively on performance, set goals, close gaps and initiate conversations around what may be required to allow an individual to meet their full potential in their work. Remember if you are a member of the Early Years Resource Factory this pack and all our other policies and tool kits are discounted by 15%!

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