Performance Management Pack


Performance Management Pack is a toolkit created by Childcare Experts and Award Winning company Canavan Byrne. This pack has been designed for Employers/Managers of Early Years and SAC services.  The templates included can be tailored as an employer/manager deems fit. However, the variety of the pack means there should be enough templates to offer you everything you may need to monitor, manage and measure performance. 

Having the right tools to monitor and manage performance on a continuous and ongoing basis is important for both employees and employers. It gives more opportunities to detect an issue before it results in a drop in standards of work performance.  Having easy-to-use and collaborative performance management tools in place and used as regular part of being employed means employees are incentivised to maintain quality standards, knowing that these are being monitored. 

Using the tools contained within this Performance Management Pack will mean opportunities for both employers/managers to reflect constructively. This includes reflecting on performance, goals and closing gaps. Furthermore, it helps initiate conversations on what may be required to allow an individual to meet their full potential. 

The Performance Management Pack includes;

  • User Guide to Performance Management Pack
  • Effective Feedback Tips
  • SBI (Situation, Behaviour, Impact) Feedback Template
  • PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) Template (examples included)
  • PIP Best Practice Tips Leaflet
  • Probation Completion Confirmation Letter
  • Probation Completion Extension Letter
  • Probation Review Form Template
  • Probation Termination Letter
  • Staff Appraisal Form
  • Performance Management Measuring Tool
  • Performance Management tool 4x4
  • Financial Recognition Scoring and Measuring Keys Sample
  • Financial Recognition Scale Model SAMPLE
  • Staff Questionnaire and Evaluation Forms

Upon purchase this pack will be emailed to you instantly so you can begin to use it immediately. Ensure that you download all files and save to your Computer for future use.

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