NEW! Care Room Visual Aids Poster Bundle!

Care Room Visual Aid Wipe Clean Posters NEW to the Early Years Shop! At times, certain policies can be bulky and not very user-friendly for staff members who need to often react quickly in certain situations. A visual aid such as a poster can provide a great reference point to staff members, who, in the moment, may not have time to refer to the full policy.

This trio poster bundle can help with those situations and was designed based on feedback from Early Years Services! The posters are colourful and bright and concentrate on three key areas; Behaviour Management, Supporting Transitions/Managing Wait Periods and Biting. These posters are great for care rooms to remind practitioners of the best strategies for managing children's issues in those specific areas.

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The idea of the posters is to speak to the practitioners from the child's perspective. Each poster shows a picture of a young child or baby with five speech bubbles showing what they may be thinking at that time. These words aim to guide early years educators on the spot rather than having to refer to documentation. The posters were designed by early years experts Canavan Byrne and make a great addition to any care room.

There are 3 posters included in the bundle and are available now to purchase. See below for the text content of each poster:

Behaviour Management

  • ‘I’m still small but I feel big emotions. I depend on you to be the calm in my storm.’
  • ‘Separate me from my behaviour – my behaviour is not my identity.’
  • ‘Catch me being good and praise me for it. Your attention on my behaviour will encourage me to repeat it.’
  • ‘Don’t always remind me of what NOT to do. Remind me of what I SHOULD and CAN do.’
  • ‘My pace is not always your pace so be patient NOT pushy.’
  • ‘Show me how you would like me to react, I learn from your reactions.’

Supporting Transitions/Managing Waiting Periods

  • ‘I’m still young, I find waiting hard.’
  • ‘Don’t call me to the table or wash my hands too soon.’
  • ‘I depend on YOU to communicate with other big people. If there is going to be a delay, they need to say.’
  • ‘Tell me what to expect. I can’t yet read the clock.’
  • ‘If you want me to wait, make waiting fun! Read me a story or play a simple game!’
  • ‘I learn from YOU. If you show patience, I will learn to be patient.’

Biting Visual Aid Poster

  • ‘I’m still very young. There are reasons I might bite!’
  • ‘I don’t yet have all the words I want to say, so I might use my mouth in a different way.’
  • ‘Keep calm and teach me “NO!”. Praise me when I’m gentle.’
  • ‘I might bite when I’m bored or anxious, so stimulate and distract me. Comfort and reassure me.’
  • ‘I am used to exploring the world through my mouth. I’ve yet to learn what’s OK to bite and what’s not!’
  • ‘Biting gets your attention. Tend to the child I’ve bitten first before you tend to me.’

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