Nappy Changing Procedure Poster


A Safe and hygienic nappy changing procedure is a very important process. This is to ensure that germs are not transmitted to the child being changed, to other children, and to staff members. Our brand new Nappy Changing Procedure Wipe Clean Poster can be hung in the Nappy Changing Area. It clearly outlines all of the steps that need to be followed when changing a nappy and includes both text and pictures. This colourful eye-catching poster gives staff a quick reference to make sure they are following all steps. This instructions outlined are shown below;

  1. Disinfect Area
  2. Handwash
  3. Apron On
  4. Mask & Gloves On
  5. Set Out Items
  6. Remove Nappy and Clean Child
  7. Dispose of Nappy, Wipes, Gloves and Apron
  8. Re-glove to cream (dispose after creaming)
  9. Repeat Handwash & Wash Child's Hands
  10. Disinfect Area

The poster is A3 in size and is laminated so that it can be wiped clean as and when required.

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