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Thrive Spring is the fourth and final book in the Thrive series of books from Irish Author Gillian Powell M.Ed. This book seeks to guide early years educators, children and parents to engage with nature and the outdoors during Spring. The book includes over 50 pages of activity ideas. This includes activities that engage with the senses as well as a number of math, science, emotional and mindfulness activities.

Gillian owned and managed a Montessori school in Bandon, Co. Cork for 32 years catering for over fifty children. At this early years setting the emphasis was always on outdoor play and education. With many years of experience, Gillian used her knowledge to write this wonderful set of four books. All activities in each book are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. 

"Spring outdoors is a time of freedom, it is the season for the human child to go to the waters and the wild.  This book continues the work of my previous book Thrive - Winter Outdoor Activities for children and families. Thrive seeks to support families and early years professionals in experiencing the excitement and solace of nature. The outdoors in Spring provides the perfect place for a child to play, there is excitement and wonder. In Thrive we integrate opportunities for learning into each experience and provide examples that help to extend the learning in a fun engaging way. I once again urge you to step outside to the waters and the wild!"

Gillian Powell, Author Thrive Spring Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families

Outdoors in Spring: Encouraging the use of Natural Materials and the Senses

The book encourages the use of natural materials when engaging in outdoor play. This can include herbs, flowers, leaves, sticks and branches, pine cones, tree seed pods, acorns and rocks. Children can engage by taking them apart – touching and smelling petals and stems as well as measuring and sorting different parts. In addition, Gillian encourages the use of natural materials to create artwork such as a nature bracelets, natural crowns or leaf art.

Engaging the senses allows children to explore by sight, sound, touch and smell when they are outdoors. Thrive Spring includes prompt questions for children on senses. For sight, 'Look at the sky, what do the clouds looks like?". For sound, "Take a moment to breathe and listen - what can you hear?". For touch, "Can you feel something rough, smooth, prickly or wet?".

This new book is available now on the Early Years Shop for €15.00 along with the three other books in the series - Thrive Summer, Autumn and Winter. You can check out the below snippet to give you an insight into what the book entails!

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