Parent Guardian Support Pack for Babies & Toddlers


Parent Guardian Support Pack for Babies and Toddlers is the latest downloadable pack available on the Early Years Shop. This pack has been designed by Canavan Byrne to support early years services and their incoming families.

The aim of the pack is for early years services to support families with the transition of their child from the home environment into an early years setting. This includes parents, guardians and care givers alike (or anyone who may be central to children’s lives and development).

Parent Guardian Support Pack Contents

  • Welcome Letter - Customisable to suit your own service needs. The emphasis is on the importance of new play environments, socialising and building attachments with others to promote independence.
  • Parent/Guardian Guide - How to prepare your child for the transition from the home environment into an early years setting.
  • All About Me Form - It is important for the service to know as much about each child before they start. Have the parents/guardians fill this All About Me Form to ensure as much information about each child is gathered.
  • What to expect in the early stages - Includes the importance of regular communication with practitioners as well as items such as meal plans, allergen lists, administration of medication permissions, daily log book/access to apps.
  • Dropping Off and Collecting Children - Includes items such as separation anxiety, reasons young children may become upset on collection. It also includes how to cope with a clingy/upset child on handover. (The 15 minute rule if the service cannot soothe or decrease stress after 15 minutes they will call).
  • What to Pack for Babies and Toddlers - Visual Aid on what children should bring on their first day.
  • Reasons I May Need More Sleep - Visual Aid explaining from the child's perspective why they may require more sleep
  • Reasons I May Sleep Less or Not Settle - Visual Aid explaining from the child's perspective why the may not always want to nap at a certain time
  • Child-Led Practices and Approaches - Details on the service's child led approaches such as play, rest and sleep.

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