Mindfulness and Mental Health Toolkit


The Mindfulness and Mental Health Toolkit was put together for the Early Years Shop by Canavan Byrne using their expertise in early years education and issues around the child's emotional environment. This pack was designed to help services promote and practice positive mental health in the classroom. Awareness of mindfulness techniques and care of our own emotional well-being should be introduced and practiced from an early age and maintained through life. The more active the practice, the more effective the tools.

When we teach children to recognise their emotions, to accept them, and then offer them the tools to communicate these and react to them with support, we are helping to set an appropriate platform for children to safely express themselves. Similarly, we are helping them to ask for help and to react accordingly with the support they may require.

Who can use this mental health and mindfulness toolkit?

This 8-piece toolkit gives Early Years and School-Aged practitioners, as well as parents and primary school teachers, some simple effective tools to promote self-awareness, body-awareness, mindfulness, self-praise and self-regulation as part of a regular and consistent daily or weekly routine/curriculum.

I have used these tools for the last 3 weeks with my 9-year old (who struggles at times to differentiate a ‘tiny’ problem from a more significant one, (for example, when his pencil tip might break during homework, compared to when he has genuinely hurt himself having fallen off his bike.) I have used these to teach him to better self-regulate and to match what is a more appropriate emotion in response to the specific problem, rather than over-exerting himself emotionally with something much more minor that can be very easily fixed; it has worked an absolute treat in teaching him to gauge this more independently with these reference and options tools. So, as a parent, I have tried and tested these and found them extremely useful and effective. The mindfulness activities are a welcome treat to our busy week, and I too benefit hugely from doing these with both my children.

- A Parent in Kildare

What is included in the Mental Health and Mindfulness Toolkit?

This new pack includes colourful child-friendly printable display posters for ease of reference, a colour-coded ‘My Feelings’ gauge and a ‘How Big is My Problem’ chart with listed available options for reference. The ‘I Can’ Problem Solving Solution Wheels can also be printed as required and given to individual children as a tool for reference and choice and to aid self-regulation, or put on display in the classroom.

Interactive activities include a flip-the-card game designed to promote the practice of active and regular self-praise, a colour-coded Pick 'n Mix Activity to practice identifying and reflecting on 6 different emotions. In addition the toolkit includes an ‘I Can Listen to My Body’ simple checklist to promote a regular check in with what our bodies may be telling us about how we feel. The pack contains:

  • Mental Health Matters
  • Explanatory Guide to the Mindfulness and Mental Health Pack
  • Mental Health Checklist
  • It's Time to Mind Our Minds
  • How BIG is my problem?
  • The 'I Can' Problem Solving Wheels
  • 'Bee in the moment' Activity
  • Mindfulness Pick 'n Mix Feelings
  • Self-Praise Flip Card Activities
  • I Can Listen to my Body Activity

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