Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack


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Families depend on your service to provide their children with nutritious, delicious food. Our Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack gives you great tools to help fulfill this important function including a Healthy Eating Policy document that you can customise for your service.

The full Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack contains 32 great recipes and 13 sample weekly menu plans.

Canavan Byrne commissioned Sarah Keogh to develop meal plans and recipes for the early years sector to include in this pack.

Sarah is the founder of Eatwell and has over 20 years’ experience working in nutrition and dietetics. Sarah has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Trinity College, Dublin and a Masters Degree in European Food Regulation. Sarah works with food companies on food legislation and product development as well as delivering workplace wellness sessions and nutrition courses. Sarah is an outstanding speaker on nutrition whether she is delivering a nutrition session or speaking on radio & television.

All of the recipes and menus included contain important reminders about potential allergens and how to ensure you are using the healthiest ingredients.

The full Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack contains:

  • Favourite Recipes for Early Years Settings
  • List of Allergens
  • Preschool Menus (5 hours or less - cold food only)
  • Preschool Menus (5 hours or less - including hot meal)
  • Preschool Menus (5 hours or more - including hot meal)
  • Healthy Eating Policy

Choose the right pack for your service from the Meal Planning Requirements dropdown. The Part-time pack with hot and cold food excludes the 5 hours or more menus, the Part-time pack with only cold food does not include the Favourite Recipes and only includes the menu plans for cold food.

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Meal Planning Requirements:

Full Day Care (Hot and Cold Food), Part-Time (Hot and Cold Food), Part-Time (Cold Food Only)


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