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Your Classroom or Care Room signs are essential for safety and communication with staff and parents. You will need to have staff profiles posted with staff photos and a Conflict Resolution Guide as a quick reference/reminder for staff. For safety, you will need to make sure you have your fire evacuation plan posted and mark fire exits clearly. You are also legally required to have drinking water on supply with continuous access, and this should be marked with a notice.

In addition to providing information, did you know that you now also need to be careful to conceal some information? Children's health details such as allergies, while important to provide for staff, must be covered. Print out the Critical Health Information cover sheet, tape it at the top over any health information you have posted publicly.

For parents you should post the Illness and Exclusions notice in the front of your service. For staff you must have a sign marking your first aid box and your emergency contacts.

The Display Essentials Pack contains:

  • Staff Member Profile Always display your staff names and their profile so parents can identify who is working with their child.
  • First Aid Box Sign There should be a conspicuous sign to alert staff to where to locate the first aid box.
  • Fire Exit Sign There should be a fire evacuation sign accompanied by the Procedure for Evacuation and a map showing the exit route in a visual representation.
  • Emergency Contacts There should be a list of all emergency contacts such as gardai, fire, ambulance, hospital, Doctor etc. displayed in the room.
  • Child Protection Reporting Procedure It is important to display how a staff member or parent can report a child welfare issue.
  • Conflict Resolution Guide Having the Conflict Resolution steps on display is a great reminder of how to approach behaviour difficulties.
  • Illness and Exclusion Notice There is often confusion about illness exclusion periods. Having this on display makes it clear to parents and staff.
  • Critical Health Information Cover Sheet Under GDPR it is not advised to have children’s photographs attached to their illness/condition/allergy. Make sure you cover this information with a cover sheet.
  • Water Station As you know it is a legal requirement to have continuous access to drinking water within the care/classroom. A sign highlighting this can be very effective.
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