Children’s Roll Book with Sign-in and Sign-out

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Roll Book newly updated for ease of use and compliance.

We now have what we can say with confidence is the best roll book for Early Years services, completely compliant with the requirements of the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and the Quality Regulatory Framework (Tusla 2018). Our roll book fulfills the 3 critical functions needed:

  • Roll call
  • Child sign-in and sign-out by an adult
  • Staff sign-in and sign-out

The Quality Regulatory Framework states:

Each child attending the service is checked in and out by a relevant staff member
A record of the name of one of the following people at the time the child arrives or leaves:

  • The person who delivers the child to the service and collects the child from the service
  • The employee responsible for checking the children in or out

Comply with Requirements for Monitoring Movements of Children and Staff

Our roll books meet the requirements of the Quality Regulatory Framework to sign children in and out as well as allowing for a daily record of staff signing in and out of the room – an essential record to show you are maintaining the correct ratio of staff to children in the room at all times. Each pair of facing pages contains a complete week of records – so one roll book provides records for the entire year (with a few extra weeks provided in case of error!)

Keep accurate attendance records with less writing

The new Roll Book will save you from writer’s cramp by allowing you to fill in the children’s names (up to 23 children per roll book) on a special fold-out flap, so you don’t have to continually fill in children’s names throughout the year.

New spiral binding means roll book lies flat

This edition of our roll book features spiral binding, meaning the roll book can open all the way out and lie flat on desk or table which really makes it easy to use.

As children may arrive and leave at different times it is necessary that all children are signed in and out individually. This roll book also anticipates an even stricter regime in relation to DCYA funded places (Pobal compliance) when the Affordable Childcare Scheme is fully rolled out where attendance will be monitored more closely.

The roll book also includes a space for records for each child in the first two pages including:

  • Unique Identifier (Can be used for DCYA number)
  • Date of Birth
  • Start Date
  • Finish Date
  • 2 Parent/Guardian Names
  • 2 Authorised Collector Names
  • 2 Emergency Contacts


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